Solving Business Problems and Lowering TCO Since 1984

Headquartered just outside of Chicago — with offices in Atlanta and London — ACP CreativIT creates IT solutions for small to midsize businesses, large enterprises, school districts, government agencies and other organizations. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and the second largest pharmacy chain in the U.S.

ACP CreativIT delivers value by implementing the right IT solutions, not just competitive hardware pricing. That means less downtime and maintenance for our clients over the long term, and increased productivity. It means time saved, service and performance headaches avoided, reduced total cost of ownership and business objectives achieved.

Not Just Hardware Providers, We’re Trusted Advisors

At ACP CreativIT, we want to become your long-term, trusted IT advisor. We get to know your organization and your IT environment as well as you do. We’re always available and focused on your objectives. And while we keep you up on the latest technologies, we never push you toward any one technology brand.

With our client-centered CreativIT™ approach, we design unique, custom solutions that enable you to overcome your specific challenges and achieve your business goals. The trim profile of our organization allows us the agility needed for this client-centered approach. And the extraordinary experience and techno-fluency of our staff ensures the effectiveness of every solution we create.

As Flexible and Scalable As You Need

We do business the way our clients want to do business. From payment terms, to unforeseen changes in project requirements, to crises in need of immediate attention — we’re always ready to respond, adapt, accommodate and resolve.

That includes responding to large-volume needs. We’ve got the resources needed for scaling up fast and handling enterprise-size efforts — including nationwide rollouts and technical projects.

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